Science Nifties!

Here’s a few science-related nifties to share….

Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth in five years

“Japanese researchers will launch a project this year to resurrect the long-extinct mammoth by using cloning technology to bring the ancient pachyderm back to life in around five years time.…”

Wow!  Jurassic Park for real, folks!  What do you think?  Good idea or terrible one???

“A study of what lives on 10 countries’ currencies reveals plenty of germs

Can your kids guess which country’s money had the fewest germs?  Science News for Kids talks about how many germs live on currency and which countries harbor the most (and why).  Vocabulary terms are even at the end!

Cold weather science!

From vaporizing hot water in sub-zero air to freezing bubbles to seeing what liquids you can get to freeze outside, if you have bitter cold temps right now here’s some ways to make some educational fun out of it.

American Science & Surplus

Have you shopped at this oddball site yet? I blew too much money on fabulous science (and play) items at American Science and Surplus tonight.  I’ve been shopping this science-related surplus site for years and really enjoy the selection, the prices and the sense of humor of the catalog writers.  Look for everything from robot bugs to beakers to soil testing kits here for science fun, not to mention supplies for crafts, the home and more.

(In my shopping cart, pipettes for science and crafts, test tubes, a test tube rack, microscope slides, slide dyeing fluid, pH strips, a chalkboard director’s clapboard for making movies, a baking soda underwater sub….).

“Dear Miss ______
I have read about sixteen pages of your manuscript … I suffered exactly the same treatment at the hands of my teachers who disliked me for my independence and passed over me when they wanted assistants … keep your manuscript for your sons and daughters, in order that they may derive consolation from it and not give a damn for what their teachers tell them or think of them. … There is too much education altogether.”

~  Albert Einstein (to a student)


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