Photographers, Unschooling, the Globe Genie & More

I’m off to have some virtual woman tear up my calf again, but first I thought I’d share a few nifties that are on my mind here…

Do professional photographers really make any money?

That’s the question this professional photographer takes on.  While this article is being widely applauded by photographers, her numbers don’t necessarily add up to me.  Not everybody has to put monthly money aside for their children’s college or pay 30% in taxes (especially those starving artist types).  It’s certainly food for thought though, and goes a long way to explain those wedding prices.

I’m definitely passing it on to my photographer wannabe Victoria (once she’s home from Nebraska, where she’s currently learning from a guy who really was a professional photographer once upon a time).

Wanna talk to Pat Farenga about unschooling?

Take part in a teleconference Thursday for free and talk to  the unschooling guru.

On the same topic, also see:

Five lessons to take from unschooling for your homeschool

and Five great blogs by unschoolers for inspiration, projects, games and more

Quick!  Push a button and go anywhere in the world!

I absolutely love the Globe Genie.  Click on transport and you can visit anywhere on the globe.  You’ll see a huge, full color photo of your location and a map on the right to tell you where you are.

I clicked first on a remote lake in Sweden, then I was on a small street in France, then a rural area in England and finally I was on a dirt road in Mississippi.

Talk about a fun geography lesson!  (Thanks Leslie!)

and lastly…

A real world housekeeping schedule

I am perpetually buried in clutter so I loved the simplicity of these schedules, which come in two variations.  I also love the minimum maintenance plan and must start implementing it!


2 thoughts on “Photographers, Unschooling, the Globe Genie & More

  1. You’re right on the numbers. You don’t pay the income taxes on the overhead or the equipment (unless you are doing it wrong) and you would only paying it on 60%. Assuming the 30% is the tax rate then a more accurate tax percentage would be 18% (which more than doubles the payout amount at the end).


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