Fun and Freebies

Here’s a few tidbits I thought someone might be able to use…

  • CurrClick has a free printable animal report form.
  • Do you sprout your own seeds?  It always sounded fun to me but so complicated.  This post by the Greenest Dollar makes it seem so easy even I could do it!  😉
  • Here’s an early literacy site full of games and online reading activities where you can get a free year subscription (valued at $99) with the code “learntoread.”  I haven’t tried it but the code supposedly worked this morning.  Personally, with all the wonderful free sites out there these days, I wouldn’t pay $99 for anything that didn’t come and clean my kitchen in the bargain, but free is good!
  • Looking for businesses that offer HS discountsHere’s a list of all sorts of places who offer educator discounts, though lots of them don’t apply to homeschoolers or are specific to teachers in certain states.  There’s some nice ones that do apply though! (Thanks, Not So Average Mama)

We tried to head out to get Victoria today but our roads were too snowy, so she’s down in Nebraska for another week.

This is what it looked like out here Friday before we got more snow…

Now it’s all that plus 3 more inches, packed snow, slush, ice and drifted snow from the fields.

I am so tired of this winter.

Thank goodness Victoria loves it down there and they love having her.  I’m starting to miss my girl though!


6 thoughts on “Fun and Freebies

  1. As the poem says, “We are closer to Spring than we were in September…” Or something like that!

    I have wanted to make sprouts before, but I thought you had to have some kind of special (expensive) kit to do it. I’m off to check out the link. Thanks!


    • Good point about spring. 🙂 I always thought it was complicated with special kits needed too. I think we even have one in a cupboard somewhere but it seemed like such trouble I never got around to it. I like things to be uber-simple!


  2. The animal report form looks like something my kids would really enjoy! Thank you! 🙂

    I do sprout–especially in the winter! It’s like a little hint of spring for me! 😉 Like you, I am so tired of this winter!

    Thanks again!


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