A Little Bit of Sunshine

Last week, we headed to the Sertoma Butterfly House in Sioux Falls to pick up a family membership at half price.

We were on our way to the science museum to meet friends, so we didn’t get to stay too long.

You know what, though?

It only takes a little time in a place like that to make up for a whole lot of winter.

We plan to go back a lot.

If you have access to any sort of indoor arboretum, butterfly house or other source of lush, warm green and life right now, I highly recommend it!


7 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sunshine

  1. So pretty! I could lose myself for hours in a place like that.

    Hope you’re feeling better now? Kerrie (of Kez’s Blog) stayed with us on her visit to the SF Bay Area and we talked about how much we want to meet you in real life too lol. Hugs!


    • Oh, how sweet! I’d love that! I was looking at Kez’s pics yesterday and had the biggest smile on my face. It’s so neat that you guys got to meet and spend time together! Sounds like she’s having a really fun visit. 🙂 I loved the pic of the two of you too!


  2. We are heading to our botanical garden this week to renew our membership too(they had a special groupon offer!). I especially like looking at the chrysalis displays. The different stages are so intriguing. Glad you were able to be warm for a bit.


  3. Thanks for the reminder, I have got to get to the Butterfly Pavilion near our house. We live in the Colorado mountains and were locked up a whole week due to snow. The Butterfly Pavilion seems like a tropical vacation…


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