Statistics are for suckers.

When my mother had her brain surgery, there was a 99% chance of a full recovery.  Her tumor came back.  And came back again.

According to statistics, one of my four children should be Chinese.  😉

Here’s some more odds for ya.

  • I’m 42 years old.
  • We are very careful.
  • There was ONE TIME we weren’t careful.
  • I was nowhere near ovulation.
  • “Statistics show that an average couple over 35 needs up to two years to conceive.”

Um, yeah.

Daryl and I have been walking around in a state of utter shock. He occasionally hyperventilates a bit too.

The doctor estimates I’m about 5 weeks along.  She also says that my levels of everything are so high that I don’t need shots this time.

I know my odds.

At my age, half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.  There are lots of other things that can happen too.

I had 12 miscarriages before I had my children, before a specialist diagnosed me with lupus anacoagulate (thick blood) and said to take daily baby aspirin during my pregnancies and do Pregnyl (hCG) shots the first trimester.

And now my doctor wants to skip the shots.  She says my levels are even higher than they should be and there’s no justifiable reason to give me the shots.  Back with my other four, they didn’t test hGC levels so I have no idea of knowing what they were back then.

I’m taking my daily baby aspirin and they’re writing me a prescription for progesterone suppositories for the first trimester.  They’re supposedly messy and will make me extra nauseous, but for a little extra peace of mind I’m thinking it’s a small price to pay.

I know “conventional wisdom” says to wait till after the first trimester to tell people.

I have never been conventional.  🙂

They say there’s so much that can go wrong.

That’s precisely why I do want to tell people!  If something bad does happen, I’d much rather be able to talk about than to suffer through it all in silence!

And how could I mindlessly yap about free algebra pages and news stories and keep it to myself?  I am just far too much of a big mouth.

The due date is October 17.  We will have to do a planned C-section (no matter what lengths I have gone to, I am physically incapable of delivering naturally) about one week early, so around October 10.

If it happens…

I keep repeating those words.  My odds are so slim.

But so much for odds.

Eek! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. Oh My Goodness! Congratulations! You just never know what life has in store for you, eh? Here’s to an uncomplicated, lovely pregnancy and a healthy mama and munchkin!
    Many blessings!


  2. Oh I’m smiling ear to ear. I see the Lord has plans for you my dear! And I couldn’t be happier for all of you. CONGRATULATIONS!
    P.S. Sarah, the biblical one, who was first named Suri, and married to Abraham, had her first child very late in life, she was so old, when she first learned of her pregnancy she laughed!


  3. OH my! Good luck to your beautiful family! We are currently trying to become pregnant and maybe we will be pregnant at the same time!


  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Was Daryl there for this one? ;-D

    You are so blessed with such fabulous children. What child wouldn’t want to be the next one. That said, I hope it’s a nice quiet little girl! 😀


  5. Congratulations – and very best wishes for coming out on the right side of all those pesky statistics. Part of me would love another baby but it isn’t going to happen so I’m looking forward to enjoying yours second-hand.


  6. (My anti-spam word is ‘grateful’…..!!!)

    Congratulations Alicia – and just to say, my mum had me (her first baby) when she was 41 and then went on to have my sister two years later!!!!!!!!!! Statistics……. pah!!!!


  7. Wow. Less probable things have happened, but, well, wow. Good thing you like having your hands full! 😉

    I *completely* agree about telling people so you have support, **no matter what**.

    Very best wishes, Alicia!


  8. Yay! Yay! I know you’re nervous but I’m so excited for you! 🙂

    I also have thick blood – but thick enough that I was on heparin shots 2x a day when I was pregnant. Glad you don’t have to deal with needles this time around!!

    And yes, I’m so glad you told us & support no matter what happens is essential.

    ::big hugs!::


  9. My anti-spam word is “hugs”. So, I’m sending you all of them and more. Now I know what D was talking about this morning…with his Brittany Spears song thing…


  10. “She says my levels are even higher than they should be…”

    I don’t know what this means exactly, but I thought I’d ask a question since my hormone levels were high. 🙂

    Are you sure you’re not carrying twins?


    • Other people have asked that! I’m pretty sure not. My hormones were at the level they should be a week farther along, but that makes sense to me because I could not have conceived when I was supposedly ovulating (it was simply way too many days before mid-cycle), so I think I’m a week farther along than their little chart says I am.

      The same thing happened with Alex. They told me he was conceived during a week Daryl and I weren’t even in the same state together! 🙂


  11. Congratulations on the pregnancy! We are currently trying to get pregnant with #5 :o) I have Lupus and have the thick blood too! I’m always amazed how many M/C people will have before a Dr. actually gets around to checking that out! I have had at least 3 people who have told me about multiple M/C’s that I’ve had get checked and they came out with it too. I wonder why Dr.’s don’t know about this more? Like it’s rocket science or something, lol!
    Anyways, it’s also interesting how different Dr.’s do things so differently. I take a daily baby aspirin, but they have me stop that and do heparin shots twice daily during my pregnancy. So far so good. I had 2 kids and then my 3rd was M/C at 6.5 weeks (the other 2 are adopted). Most people wouldn’t have even known they were pregnant at that point anyways.
    Why the HCG shots? Is that related to the blood or just something different? We’ve been trying for 8 months to get pregnant and so far nothing. However, at least 3 months I’ve felt totally pregnant and then wasn’t. I’ve been wondering if I’m having HCG issues. Is there something we’re missing?
    Anyways, sorry for the long comment, lol! Congrats again!


    • Jennifer, the shots I take are of the pregnancy hormones and the idea is that they keep everything optimal in there I guess? I am very nervous without them!

      If you’re TTC, I have some odd advice! Start drinking green smoothies every day. I started drinking them when I reviewed “Green for Life” and kept at it after I was done because the book really did convince me that they were so good for me for so many reasons. The greens help make the body more alkaline (most bodies are far too acidic and that affects everything, including fertility) and supposedly are very good for preventing disease and greatly improving health. People have even said their gray hair started to go away or skin growths went away!

      I just feel younger and healthier since starting and I really think they made my body in a peak condition to get pregnant despite the odds and my age. I know it sounds goofy but I really think it played a part! Just make sure you use organic spinach and greens (rotate types). It’s not much money if you get a tub of them at Walmart. Here’s my review for more info. <> I think I basically accidentally upped my iron, calcium, folate, vitamins, plant proteins, etc. and added so many fruits and veggies to my daily total that it really made a difference. My kids and I are still doing them every morning. Just thought I’d mention it. It’s one of those things that can’t really hurt! 🙂

      Good luck!


  12. Wow congratulations. I lurk reading your blog all the time because I love it and find it inspiring. I have two young kids with a third on the way and we are homeschooling as well…mostly unschooling…ok totally unschooling lol. Anyway congratulations again!


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