March Comes in Like a Wildebeest…


Daryl always says that March comes in like a wildebeest and goes out like an entirely different wildebeest.

I believe it’s a misquote from an old Saturday Night Live sketch.

In any case, March is totally acting like a wildebeest for me this year.

For one thing, winter seems to be never-ending.

I kind of want to go stand in the front yard (waist-deep in the snow that’s been there since November), shake my fist at the Minnesota sky and shout, “Come on, really????”.

I’m so thankful for our trek to Florida.  I still have a light sunburn on my chest and the tiniest bit of a tan (with lots of freckles) on my arms.  And I am never sweeping the powdery white sand from the inside of my van, because it makes me inexplicably happy for it to be there.

But still… I want to plant a garden.  I want to gather compost.  I want to be able to reach my compost ball in the back yard.  I want to do spring clean-up and gather branches to do fun crafts with that I discovered in the super-fabulous book Tree Craft.

It would also be nice to be able to stay awake for more than an hour at a time and go more than five minutes after eating without feeling like I’m going to throw up.

I am now in about week 9 of this still-surreal pregnancy, and I seem to need to eat something approximately every 3 minutes or I get incredibly nauseated.

I’ve always had the sort of pregnancies where I threw up nonstop for several months.  This time, since I am not getting the shots that protected me from miscarriage and doubled my pregnancy hormones, I am just barely able to keep everything down (though I still feel as if I’m seconds from dashing to the bathroom).  And since the only relief I get from the constant nausea is to eat something new, I rather suspect I’m going to be 800 pounds by October.  Eek.

Speaking of which, I need to wrap this up and go find food again.  😉  Thank goodness I’m mostly craving healthy things like asparagus.

And the ice cream is gone.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been writing when I haven’t been stuffing myself, sleeping and griping about winter…

ACS offers fantastic free chemistry curriculum online

Looking for a good resource for teaching middle school chemistry?  The American Chemical Society is offering an entire chemistry curriculum, complete with online lessons, a free downloadable book, activity sheets and lots more — absolutely free…
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Most homeschoolers know that they’re eligible for educator discounts at some businesses like Barnes and Noble, but it can be hard to keep up with which businesses offer discounts and how much they are.
Have you and your kids taken part in Pizza Hut’s free BOOK-IT! program?  The deadline to register for next year is changing, so mark your calendars.

Creative ways to teach math, grammar, science and more

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5 ways to go green and save money in March

March came in like an iceberg here in Minnesota, and it seems at the moment as if spring will never come.  That said, we’re right on the cusp of spring.  There are a slew of things we can do to get ready for the change of seasons…

Garden recommendation: Rainbow Swiss Chard

It’s time to start planning spring gardens, and one plant I’m definitely growing again is Rainbow Swiss Chard.Last year was the first year I’d grown swiss chard, and it flourished in my zone 4 Southern Minnesota garden with very little…

Authors write letters to their teen selves in moving new site

It’s hard being a teenager, and young adult authors remember that as well as anyone.  A new web site, Dear Teen Me, aims to share insight from these authors with teens with a collection of letters they’ve written to their teen selves…

Eating out with kids: How to make it fun for everyone

With four fairly young children, we have typically had our hands full when we have eaten out. Still, we’ve found some ways to make the experience downright enjoyable… or at least good enough that the villagers don’t chase us out with pitchforks.
As parents, it can be way too easy to slip into a pattern of yelling way more than we like.Not only does this create a scary, toxic environment for everybody, but it’s not even effective. Here’s 10 things to try instead.

Chore lists for every age — and how to keep kids on board

The subject of chores can be a tricky one.  We want to teach our kids responsibility and life skills, but we often get into power struggles with them over the topic.

On the agenda for tomorrow…

More laundry, more cleaning, more decluttering, starting the chemistry program from above, more preschool fun with Alex, more seed ordering, a dentist appointment for Victoria, back to ALEKS math with the girls, one-on-one time with Jack…

And a million other things.  I think I am just going to lie down a bit more…

4 thoughts on “March Comes in Like a Wildebeest…

  1. Oh my word, I totally missed previous announcements if any of such happy news…congratulations many times over. I’m so excited for you but also sympathize over the nausea…that was the worst thing ever for me…hated it! No worries, I’m not pregnant but still like to eat like I am so we can both be 800 lbs together. 🙂


  2. Ever hear of SeaBands? They’re little wrist bands you wear to help with nausea. A tiny bead sits against the pressure point to ward off nausea.
    I used to wear them in my first pregnancy, and it really helped deal with the morning sickness.
    Look them up. You might be able to make your own too. its a very simple design- wrist band with a large bead to sit against the pressure point.


  3. Thanks ladies! I snuck the original announcement in the post “Statistics” last month. 🙂

    I did try SeaBands years ago in California (for motion sickness going up and down the road to my friend’s mountain home) and they didn’t work very well for me, but maybe they’ll work this time. Thanks for the reminder!


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