I Just Had to Gush…

I am so astounded by Victoria’s photography. The girl amazes me.

Check out these photographs she took at a butterfly garden in Florida…

Not bad for a twelve year-old, eh?  🙂


12 thoughts on “I Just Had to Gush…

  1. Those are spectacular! I think it’s pretty awesome that she is able to get such clear shots (these and other macro ones she’s done) BUT she’s also got amazing talent for finding interesting angles to take them from. I’m in love with the one on the table with the light showing thru his outspread wings.
    PS. Good eye, Victoria! Also?? Are you some sort of butterfly whisperer? Because, HELLO, they are posing for you! 😛 Thanx for the inspiration. I already know I’ll be on a mission this summer to get some pics like these. What fun!


  2. These are wonderfully marvelous!! I love the colors, the close-ups, the angles, the everything! The butterfly looking right at the camera is so cool. You should be very proud of your skill, Victoria! What a gift.


  3. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! She should get those made into one of those picture books that you can order online! Great job Victoria!


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