Playing Hooky

Yesterday, I was planning on catching up on writing, cleaning, laundry, homeschooling, crafts, cooking and more.

But Daryl pointed out that it was going to be one of the nicest days we’ve had since October or so.  And suggested a road trip.

What’s the sense in having memberships to neat things like zoos and butterfly gardens if you never go, right?

So we dropped everything and went on a field trip instead.

If you sit still long enough, the butterflies will land on you.

Jack has become very good at sitting still.  If you knew Jack, you’d know that’s an accomplishment!

Anna had a long conversation with these two volunteers.

Afterwards, the gentleman said to Victoria, “So, you’re homeschooled, are you?”. When Victoria said yes, he said, “Yep, that’s what your sister said.  You know, we can always tell when homeschooled kids come in here because they’re the best kids.”

It  made her smile.

The zoo was wonderful fun, too, and we spent eons in the monkey house.

I think we all relate to those monkeys.  😉

The highlight for Victoria was when one of the tigers walked right up to the other side of the chain link fence from her, looked her right in the eyes, and GROWLED.  She thought it was awesome.  I would have been a bit unnerved!

Alex’s favorite part was stomping in puddles.

Anna particularly bonded with the farm animals and loved the new rhino who was nursing and snuggling with his mama.

And I think Jack most liked climbing the snowdrifts, starting conversations with the zoo workers and annoying his sister.  😉

Victoria will have to hurry and upload her pictures to Flickr, because I didn’t bother taking pictures and just enjoyed myself instead.

The day ended with many hours of me being fairly miserably sick, but it was still a fantastic day.  And just think what a waste it would have been to spend the day at home and to have been that fairly miserably sick!

I highly recommend heading to your favorite museum, zoo, aquarium, park or other fun place someplace soon!




3 thoughts on “Playing Hooky

  1. What a great comment from that volunteer. I love it when stuff like that happens since I feel like we’re making tiny breaks in the homeschooler stereotype.


  2. We were at the zoo in Sioux Falls on Thursday and we were in love with the Wallaby and her little baby!

    Hope you feel better soon…my nausea is staring to fade, or so I think!



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