It's a Bouncing Baby…

We had an ultrasound today and got to see our little one up close and personal.

No, we weren’t able to tell the sex yet.

What we were able to tell is that this is a very bouncy baby!

Oh my goodness!  It was like a cartoon!  He or she was bouncing as if on a trampoline the whole time…

Bounce!  Bounce!  Bounce!

With lots of waving of arms thrown in too.  🙂

The kids were laughing at our little rubber ball baby!

I have a feeling we’re in for another boy.

Oh my goodness.  Those who know my boys know that means I’m going to need all the strength I can get.  😉

So that’s where all of my energy has gone…

We can’t stop smiling.

Pretty amazing stuff!




5 thoughts on “It's a Bouncing Baby…

  1. wow! love the description of the appointment. Thanks for sharing the pics too. Maybe Alex will calm down now to only getting into precarious situations every OTHER day ;-P


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