10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Daryl says I have to start blogging again so he knows what we’re up to.  😉

Sorry for the long gap between posting.  Between morning sickness, other sickness and spring weather (gardening, yay!), I haven’t gotten much accomplished.

Here’s a bit of what we have managed to do though…

1.  We went to the International Food Festival at SMSU. It was a feast put on by various groups of international students at the college and we really enjoyed it.  There was food from Japan, Thailand, Kenya, West Africa, India, Mexico, Laos and Nepal.  Not only was the food really good (and there was so much of it!) but it was really neat seeing so many students in native dress.  The women were beautiful!

On the way back, we drove through a big thunderstorm and Victoria got this awesome lightning shot.

2.  We’ve been reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins as a read-aloud. We read it years ago when the girls were young but we’re doing it all over again.  It’s a fun book!

3.  Jack and Anna watched March of the Penguins because they wanted to learn more about penguins to go along with the book.

4.  Jack and I had a long talk about Columbus, early American settlers and the Revolutionary War. We tend to do history as a sort of long discussion and storytelling session around here, with me telling history like a story and it leading to rabbit trails of conversations, often about the moral issues that come up with history.

5.  We’ve been starting seeds indoors and out, preparing gardens and doing other spring outdoor work.

Jack also made me a LEGO garden.  He’s such a sweetie.

6.  Victoria built a fort. It’s a very strange fort.  It falls down sometimes.  There are now skulls nailed to it (we found them during various wanderings).   It could be called a dangerous eyesore.  The kids all love it.

7.  Victoria took a survey to determine what her political leanings are. Along the way she had to research concepts like protectionism, free trade and monopolies to figure out what her answers were.   It would probably not surprise anybody to find out that her leanings are towards libertarianism and the left.

8.  Daryl has taken the kids bird watching quite a lot. They have seen some amazing sights (ospreys snatching up fish and flying off with them, eagles and hawks hunting in the fields and such) and lots of varieties of birds like pelicans, swans and many bald eagles, among many others.  He often takes one child with him early in the morning just to see who’s out and about, bird-wise.  Other times he takes them all to a nearby park or nature area to explore, take pictures and play.

Here’s a couple of  pictures Anna took today of an osprey with a fish in its talons.

Here’s a few bird pics by Victoria (I don’t know where to find her cool eagle shots though!)…

9.  Spring weather has allowed for lots more playing outside. The kids have been riding their bikes, climbing trees, playing with friends, riding their scooters, going on walks and otherwise enjoying the new season.

The kids even staged a spelling bee in the backyard with friends!

10. Victoria taught me that ground squirrels have such a complex set of noises that they use for language that they can be categoried as nouns, verbs and adjectives. I love when my children teach me things!

The kids have also been… watching Meerkat Manor, reading billions of books, talking on the phone, chatting online, researching things on Wikipedia, playing educational games on my iPod, blogging, taking billions of photographs, building with LEGOs, doing chores, writing stories, doing math with me, playing physics games online, doing Wii Fit and so on.

And now, there’s a small boy who’s far overdue for his bedtime and I have a belly ache that’s in dire need of some sort of attention (or at least a bit of moaning and griping).

I’m signing off with my latest yappings online…

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