What Does April Snow Bring?

Well, spring was nice.  Apparently it’s over though. We woke to snow on the lawn today and it’s been dreary and cold for a week.  The weather forecast is more of the same as far into the future as they’ll tell us.  Sigh.

I’m still in a bit of a pregnant fog.  The morning sickness (they really must come up with a better name for that, since it’s day and night!) is getting a little bit better.  I am still prone to holding my belly and cursing the heavens, but without quite the same level of ferocity.  😉  I’m not exactly peppy though, and tend to get about as much done per day as your average ball of lint.

Tonight I gave each of the “big three” kids a list of 10 chores to do in exchange for a Kit Kat bar.  They don’t get candy bars often and they pretty much raced through their lists.  I’m thinking chocolate will play a big part in my housekeeping routine in the upcoming months.

In two weeks we have our annual frantic birthday marathon.  Jack will turn 8 on April 30, then Victoria will 13 on May 1, then we’ll have a day off and then Alex will turn 4 on May 3.  I am not ready for this.   I want to find a way to make it all magical for the three of them.  On May 4, I’m totally collapsing.

Daryl took Anna, Victoria and Jack to the auditions for the Wilder Pageant on Friday.  Jack tried out for the first time and I hear he rocked it (he even sang!).  This will make the girls’ 7th year and Daryl’s 6th I think.  Anna started acting in it when she was four!   I’m excited about another year starting up, even though it’s so much time and work for everybody (even me and Alex, who have long nights alone for two months!).

Her’s a bit of what I’ve been yapping about online lately…

On the homeschooling front:

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On the parenting front:

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On the Green front:

Get free glass reusable straws for taking a stand against plastic

29 Reasons to hang out your laundry

And with that, I’m off to finish my own list of 10 chores.  And moan a little.  It’s what I do!  🙂




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