Random Snapshots

I’m raiding Victoria’s Flickr page for some random shots she’s taken lately.  You can see she’s learning Latin, having fun with photo apps on my iPod (some of these were done with the Hipstamatic app), doing art and some other fun stuff…

I love her style!  🙂

And here’s a few new rambings I have elsewhere…

And with that, it appears I’m about to get sick again.  Aren’t we supposed to be past that in the third trimester?  Sigh…

Ah well, she’ll be worth it!




10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Oh what a long time it’s been since I blogged!  We had massive heat and I had massive contractions and several of us were sick, plus the pageant was going on….

In any case, I finally had a minute to post and thought I’d do a little update.

Here’s some ways we’ve been learning and playing lately…

1.  We went to the science museum in Sioux Falls.  Annual memberships to science museums are so worth it, especially on hot summer days!

2.  Anna is reading “Little Women” on my Kindle.

3.  Victoria is learning Latin from a book she downloaded from this list of free Latin books online.  She loves it.  She’s doing the Latin for Beginners one.

4.  We went bowling with fabulously fun friends in Mankato.

5.  The kids did math and such in various workbooks.

6.  We went hiking on Loon Island with some wonderful homeschool friends.

7.  Daryl took the kids to various lakes and to campgrounds to visit friends.

8.  We had sprinkler fun in the back yard.

Even Mama…  🙂

9.  The boys and I made a nature abacus out of sea shells and did some math with it (more on that and some other fun summer HS ideas here).

10.  Daryl, Jack, Victoria and Anna finished this year at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant.  We figured out that the girls (who have been in the longest) have performed in 51 shows now for roughly 50,000 people!  Jack loved his first year, too.  It was a wonderful season.

That’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.  There’s also been lots of reading, art, educational apps, cooking, chores, tree climbing, playing with friends, photography and so on.

Hopefully we’ll get a break from the heat soon and things will calm down a touch after tomorrow.  I’d like a few days of catching up for a while!


Mortgage Algebra

When will you need math?

Here’s a real life assignment where kids are asked to research salaries and housing costs for cities they’re interested in moving to, and then figuring out details like what size of a mortgage they could theoretically afford.

This is an incredibly detailed page and a great resource for more than algebra!

Rhubarb Lemon Juice!

Just for Liese, who’s waited so patiently, I finally posted the rhubarb lemon juice recipe!  Sorry it took so long.  The original recipe was really sweet (even the kids couldn’t drink it without diluting it with kefir lemonade!) so I had to rework it.

Here’s the recipe.

Math Doodles and Harry Potter Septets

There’s a fun young woman named Vi Hart who created a couple of very different diversions I wanted to share today.

First, she made this quirky video about binary trees and chopped heads here…

And she also wrote a seven-movement piece about Harry Potter for her senior project at Stony Brook University.  The first song excerpt: His Eyes are as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad.

Oh yes, and don’t forget her bit about mathematical food!

Fun!  🙂