10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

What a summer it’s been so far!  I’ve never been this pregnant in the summer and I have to say I planned it well the other four times!  🙂  Since we don’t have central air, it gets very hot in our two story house (especially on the second floor where my computer is) and I can’t believe how much the heat affects me.  My gardens, house, cooking, homeschooling and writing are all taking hits!

Nonetheless, we did do some fun things homeschool-wise lately.  Here’s some…

1.  We went strawberry picking and froze many bags of prepped strawberries, plus canned lots of strawberry jam.  I also started to pass out at the weigh station (me and that heat again!), which was a little unnerving!

2.  We saw our little girl (and the chambers of her heart, her brain and other organs) on the ultrasound.  🙂

3.  We went to a local art gallery and got inspiration, posed by our favorite pieces, etc.  I also wrote up lots of fun ways to use art galleries in your homeschool here (the creative writing assignment is next up for us).

4.  Anna got to ride on the float for our heritage museum in the city parade.  She’s also helped Daryl a lot at the museum during open hours and with prep work.

5.  We made ice treasures and used sticks, salt, spray bottles and more to get the treasures from them.  For more on that project, click here.

6.  The kids have been doing lots of swimming (note that they’re jumping off the lifeguard bench that’s usually high up on the beach on the sand!).

7.  Victoria and Anna have been doing lots of photography, as usual.  This one is by Victoria and I love it!

8.  We’ve been doing lots of canning, cooking and using fresh produce.  Here’s pickled radishes and rhubarb-lemon juice (in recycled wine bottles).

9.  Alex and I are alone most nights while Daryl and the bigger kids are off at rehearsal, so I’ve been arranging lots of busy activities for him.  One hit was giving him a muffin tin half filled with baking soda and half filled with colored vinegar.  He got to experiment with reactions and also color mixing!

10. Reading a billion books!

I also wrote up Summer homeschooling — Fun ways to mix things up in the summer time and hope to do some more interesting things soon.  If only it would cool down a couple of dozen degrees!  😉


4 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. Sounds like a fun summer! I like the ice treasures and the baking soda and colored vinegar ideas! And those little mouse faces are sooooo sweet!

    Try to stay cool (I know it’s hard in July!)


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