A Horde of Homeschoolers

We’re in Nebraska at Tiffany’s again, and have been joined by lots of fun  homeschooling friends.

We even got to meet up with some new ones, via the Unschool Bus, who were parked here with us for a few days.

Some of the highlights so far…

  • Going to the fair
  • Hitting the candy store far too many times
  • Running around the mammoth bones and other fabulous fun at Morrill Hall
  • A billion games of Bananagrams (we’re hooked!)
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
  • Trips to the lake
  • Walks to the park
  • Marathon gaming sessions on computers, iPods, Ipads, the Wii, etc.
  • New friends
  • Pom pom crafts
  • Making movies
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • Mass slumber parties in the basement
  • Total chaos

Still the come are some cool crafts, boating at the lake and all sorts of fun.

I’m so happy to be playing with some of my favorite homeschooling moms, and the kids are all having a blast with each other and all the fun at Tiffany’s.  🙂

We should be back on our home turf on Sunday.  I’m in no rush!


1 thought on “A Horde of Homeschoolers

  1. I am originally from NE, and spent many summers there as a youth. Such fond memories. So much fun you had. I am a bit envious. Next time we venture that way, I may have to let you know.


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