It's the First Day of Spring on Mars!

Fall may be just around the corner here in North America, but that’s not so for all of the world — or the galaxy.

Today is the first day of spring on Mars!

Discover Magazine says:

Today, September 14, 2011, is the vernal equinox for the northern hemisphere of Mars!

If you want to be technical, it’s the time when the axis of Martian rotation is perpendicular to the direction of the Sun, and the northern hemisphere is headed into summer (making it the autumnal equinox for the southern hemisphere). When this happens here on Earth, it’s called the first day of spring…

Mars also gets a spring that’s twice as long as ours, which I think would be pretty nice (since their year is twice as long, all their seasons are, too).  Here in Minnesota we only get winters that are twice as long.  😉

Head over to Discover to read more!



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