Wedding Day #16

I just thought I’d share a few pictures that Victoria took of our time down at the Grotto of the Redemption and our renewal of our vows.  I think I mentioned that we get married in a new way each year around our anniversary, and our trip to the Grotto was for this year’s wedding.  It was a wonderful spot for it!

We said some corny words to each other, involved the kids and other mushy stuff.  🙂

I even got a new ring for the occasion, since my pregnant fingers are too swollen right now to wear my wedding rings.  We bought a $3 stone ring from the gift shop that seemed like the perfect souvenir.

Here’s a few other shots Victoria took during our time at the Grotto…

It was such a nice memory and such a fun trip!

We’re back to regular life (as regular as our lives get!) around here now.  We’ve been apple picking, preserving goodies, making salsa, visiting friends, reading books, watching Netflix, catching up on shows that are back for fall, playing on the computer, rescuing turtles, doing, meeting mudpuppies, taking pictures, going on walks and bike rides, and SOME of us are talking way too much on the phone.  🙂

Here’s my latest yappings…

Two and a half weeks until we meet our little one!




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