10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

There’s a week and a half until our new baby joins us!  Eek!  Nonetheless, we haven’t slowed down much.  🙂

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to lately…

  1. We got together with some new homeschool families at the ball field in town yesterday. The kids played kickball, climbed trees, made friends and otherwise had a blast.   I really liked getting to hang out with some fun moms too!
  2. We went to a cookout at some elderly friends’ farm yesterday. They built a fire in the fire pit and roasted old fashioned hot dogs (and made pan fried cheese quesadillas for vegetarian Annalee) and smores later, plus had all sorts of wonderful goodies to eat.  The kids hiked their trails in the woods, played with their many cats and kittens, helped cook and prep for dinner, climbed, explored, cut buckthorn and more.
  3. I signed Jack, Anna and Victoria up for a month of iXL math. They really disliked xtramath.com so even though it was free I dropped it.  So far they enjoy iXL a lot more but I don’t like the price!  I have some leads on steep discounts for it so I’m looking into that.  There are just too many great educational freebies online for me to pay that much for something my kids aren’t crazy in love with.  🙂
  4. The kids are taking part in a free 10-week poetry course I’m offering online. Monday was lesson one (cliche busting) but we actually started last week.  We’re all having a lot of fun with it!
  5. Victoria and Anna have been doing lots of cooking. Victoria has made apple crisp several times to use all the apples we’re getting from friends’ trees.  Both girls are practicing making dinner to prepare for when the baby comes and they’ll be taking over for a while.
  6. There’s been lots of talk about fetal development and what the baby’s doing these days. She kicks, moves and hiccups a lot!  We’ve talked about C-sections, baby positions, you name it.  (Side note:  As I’m typing this I’m having massive contractions and it’s quite hard to concentrate!  I have a cervix like a bear trap though, so I know baby’s not coming early no matter what my uterus tries!)
  7. The kids are all reading like crazy. Current faves include Percy Jackson and Pokemon.  I think Anna finished all of the 39 Clues books and both girls have been reading another series at the same time that’s led to lots of drama over who gets to read the next library books!
  8. Victoria has been “doing school” with Jack. She writes him out Pokemon sentences to copy for handwriting practice, and also has been teaching him how to draw various Pokemon characters.
  9. Alex has been doing lots of block building (especially Angry Birds towers to topple). He’s also enjoying other typical preschool activities — being read to, playing letter games, watching Dr. Seuss movies with Daddy at bedtime, playing with the cats, doing nature crafts, and so on.  He’s very loving towards me and the baby lately, and gives my belly lots of kisses.
  10. We’ve all been doing the usual family stuff — playing at parks, bird watching, visiting friends, talking on the phone, preserving fall goodies, going to libraries, shopping at the farmers’ market, playing Bananagrams, riding bikes, doing art, taking pictures, watching shows together, going to restaurants, squabbling, making up games, listening to music and so on.

Latest yappings (some)…


4 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. I just stumbled across your blog, what a nice blog. My son walked by when I first started reading and saw the picture of the lizard, he said to share that he thinks that was cool. :^)
    I wish my son was reading like crazy. I dream of a day when he reads for fun.
    We use have used time4learning.com for math in the past. If your iXL math doesn’t work out you should check into it.

    Thanks for a great blog.

    Lil’ Momma
    Living with a hard working husband, 1 toddler, 1 preschooler and 1 middle schooler who are Five in Training for HIM


    • Nice to meet you, Brandy! We tried T4L once in the past (I got a chance to try it for free) and my kids didn’t really get into it. That’s another one where my kids would have to really love it to justify the expense for me, since most of what we use is free. 🙂

      My girls are nuts about reading and always have been, but what got my 8 y/o into reading was to look for books that appealed to his interests and tastes. He likes Pokemon and Mario Brothers, so we looked for books about those. He also likes books with lots of illustrations that are almost like comic books. I also “strew” lots of fun books from the library each week and he’ll often pick up the cooler ones and start reading, especially at night before bed. The Basher books are also great for combining science (and other subjects) and reading and making it all fun. Here’s an example of one that Jack loves about the Periodic Table of Elements: http://www.amazon.com/Basher-Science-Periodic-Table-Elements/dp/0753466139/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317331738&sr=8-1

      Hope that helps!


  2. It’s beautiful how so much is happening amidst the excitement of new baby’s arrival. I’m gobsmacked at how well the kids are working together and learning together. Thinking about all of you and wishing you all the best for the birth. Can’t wait to hear that everything went well and everyone’s happy and healthy. Tight hugs!


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