The State of Education

I found this infographic online and thought it was worth sharing.  Thoughts?




2 thoughts on “The State of Education

  1. I was just posting on Facebook tonight how disappointed I am with the schools here. My foster kids go to public school and my foster son is in 7th grade. I knew there was a problem when he even made the A honor roll. I realized there was a HUGE problem when I went to the awards ceremony and saw that over HALF of the class was there and about 50 of the kids had high honors of 4.0 or above! RIDICULOUS! He brings home math assignments that have 34 or more problems on them. Only 20 count, so even though he gets 14 wrong and should have an F, he gets 20/20 and an A! UNREAL! Same kid can’t even spell Mississippi and is lacking in tons of other knowledge.
    SO glad I homeschool too :o)


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