Welcome Fiona!

Fiona Rose and I are home and doing well.  She’s absolutely beautiful, sweet, charming, funny and wonderful in every way.  🙂

Here’s the baby announcement that Victoria made (yes, by herself!) with photographs she took of Fiona.  I told her what shots I wanted and how I wanted the announcement to look, and she did such an awesome job!   The photos are not photoshopped or retouched.  I am so blown away by her photography skills!

We are all madly in love with Fiona.

I’m feeling pretty amazingly lucky these days.  🙂



13 thoughts on “Welcome Fiona!

  1. Congratulations! Oh my, what a cutie she is! And very, very good job on the announcement, Victoria. Very happy that mom and babe are healthy. Our hugs and love to you all!


  2. Congratulations! She is precious. I love your blogs and your pinterest page!. Your ideas brighten our homeschooling days and I look forward to your posts. I wish your family the very best.


  3. CONGRATULATIONS! It seems like just yesterday that you were announcing your pregnancy! WOW! She’s beautiful, and the announcement is too! Great job to both of you :o)


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