10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Hello stranger! Sorry I’ve been gone so long.  Something about five kids kind of takes up more of my time…. 😉

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to lately!

1.  We took a trek to Nebraska to hang out with the fabulous Tiffany and company. It was wonderful (of course).

2. Anna wrote, directed and produced a music video starring her friend Jessie (and herself in a few parts) that she edited and put to a song. I kind of love it and am so impressed!

3.  Jack, Victoria and Anna attended the Young Writers’ Conference at a local college. It’s always neat for them to meet published authors and get great new ideas.  The keynote speaker was very interesting and Jack got to take another cartooning class from the author of the Eek and Ack books, which he loves.  I also bought him the rest of the set, so he’s doubly happy.

4.  We hit the Marshall library while in town for the conference and got dozens and dozens of new library books. It’s a little embarrassing how happy new library books and big libraries make me.  🙂

5.  Anna started guitar lessons from a local mom/teacher. She may start taking choir lessons too.

6.  Victoria started attending a monthly young writers’ class. It’s small and just for teens, and so far she really likes it.

7.  Jack has been going to town on the Snap Circuits set he got for Christmas. He makes so many contraptions on it and he even programmed it to play “Happy Birthday” for me on my birthday yesterday, and light up for a “candle” for me to blow out.  🙂

8.  Anna has been helping Daryl with the city museum and learning lots of history with him. Daryl is the president of the historic society and curator of the museum.  He’s learning about old farming and gardening tools that have been donated and teaching her as he learns, plus they’re learning lots of old railroad information (it’s also an old depot).

9.  Alex learned about completing circuits. Jack has been teaching him about electricity and circuits through his new circuit set.  We’re also reading books together and talking about letters and letter sounds.

10. Victoria and Anna have gotten back into altered books. It’s a fun hobby and I hope to start doing it with them (and Jack and Alex) myself soon too.


The kids have also kept busy with photography, playing with friends, internet research, drawing, reading, watching educational TV (and non!), playing Wii, making pillow forts, doing math online, playing physics games, writing stories, writing odes, helping with housework and babies, chatting with friends on the phone and online, playing outside, bird watching with Dad, fighting with siblings, playing with pets (their own and other people’s!)…

I’m feeling the itch to move towards a little more planned schooling with the kids now that Fiona is a little older and life is settling into our newest normal.  Lapbooks, activity sheets, A Little History of the World, altered books, Friendly Science, cooking with kids and art projects are all calling my name.

Of course, so are Pinterest and Facebook and new magazines and the laundry…  🙂

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