Teaching the Past

We had a fun family adventure last week!  Daryl, Jack and Anna taught hundreds of school kids about old time games and music.

The program was for a school district about an hour away (a homeschool friend on their library board recommended us), and they paid for us to spend two nights at a local hotel and reimbursed our gas and expenses, which made it into a fun family (working) vacation.

Anna taught kids how to roll hoops.  Jack taught the game of graces.  Daryl taught how to play the spoons and the washboard, plus talked about the way people lived during Laura Ingalls Wilder’s time in our area.

We got to visit with some wonderful homeschool friends we don’t get to see often, went to a great photography gallery (where they gave us two gorgeous books of photography as a thank you from the town!) and had a great few days.

Jack and Anna were exhausted — physically and emotionally — after two days of so many excited school kids.  I was so proud of them, though, and I heard one little girl shout as she left, “This was so fun!”.






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