Fun President Timeline!

Here’s a fun way to make a presidential timeline to help kids remember when presidents were in office.  The Mailbox magazine says:

Help students study the presidents of the United States with this handy timeline. Divide the class into eight groups and give each group a large sheet of red, white, or blue construction paper. Assign each group a span of years shown. Then have the group program its timeline section with the names and terms of the presidents inaugurated during that time period, along with any other significant historic events. Finally, tape the sections together in order, end to end, to create a large timeline to display in your classroom.

I’m having Daryl pick up some red, white and blue construction paper and putting this on the agenda for sometime soon.

Since everything takes me so much longer to get together, maybe I can figure on it getting accomplished around Memorial Day for some patriotic looking decor?  😉


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