Look Who's Joined Our Family

Meet Layla, a rescued collie from an Iowa shelter who is 3 years old and a new member of our family. She is very loving, very well trained and very sweet and fun.  The kids are in heaven.

I grew up with dogs and have always wished we could have one.  The kids absolutely love dogs and have begged for years.  We kept saying it wasn’t practical for this reason or that reason to get one.

Sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

…And do lots of research, and talk it out agonizingly with your spouse for days in secret away from the kids, and pore through hundreds of PetFinder listings at dozens of shelters for the right fit…

She has lived with us for just over 24 hours but she has really made herself at home and even the cats have decided she’ll do.

She also acts as if we’ve been hers forever.

We have a dog.

It feels really good to finally say that again after all these years.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Look Who's Joined Our Family

  1. You had me at “Look Who…” She’s beautiful. I have been wishing and wishing too. Maybe some day. 🙂 Your choice of a collie is a great one. I’ve heard about how good they are with kids. Have fun with your new member of the family!


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