13 Ways We've Learned and Played Lately


I’m so behind in posting here!  Life has been busy, but in a good way.

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to lately. There’s too much to narrow it down to ten!

  1. Anna joined Daryl in taking part in Script Frenzy and wrote a screenplay.  She’s also writing a story.
  2. Jack has been designing and constructing more and more elaborate LEGO structures, vehicles and inventions.
  3. Alex has been playing phonics and reading games, such as sticking labels on things around the house (door, stove, sister…).
  4. Victoria has been taking archery class.
  5. Fiona is happily rolling over, babbling, sitting on her own and trying to put absolutely everything in her mouth.  She’s still a super happy baby and such a joy to all of us.
  6. Jack  has been doing a math program with me so I can review it for my Examiner column.
  7. Victoria has been doing math with an 18 year-old college kid online (for fun!).
  8. Daryl, Victoria, Anna and Jack auditioned for the Wilder Pageant for another season.
  9. Victoria, Jack and Anna have been doing photography.
  10. We had a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis that Jack found outside last year!  We’ve kept it safe in a jar on a shelf in the living room all this time, because we knew that some take a very long time.  Anna noticed it (a painted lady) flying around the dining room window yesterday morning so Victoria carefully got it to climb onto her finger and she released it outside.  How’s that for magical — having butterflies appearing in your dining room out of the blue?!  🙂
  11. We’re going on lots of walks, hikes, picnics and excursions outside with Layla.
  12. We went to the wonderful UU church in Hanska and afterwards made the trek to nearby New Ulm, where we had the most fabulous German food and played at the park.
  13. We went to the Mall of America as our reward for doing 100 brave things as a family in “Do Something Brave Month.”  It was a fabulous time!

Here’s a few pics of the fun…

There is a ton of cool stuff planned for the next couple of weeks so we should be busy — but again, in a very good way.  🙂

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Hunger Games Poetry, Facebook Timeline for Biographies, Pinterest & More

Have you been to Teachers Pay Teachers yet?  They have some great freebies and some great lesson plans, printables and more for low cost too.

Here’s a couple of the current freebies that I especially loved.

Also, I’ve been pinning oodles of cool homeschool pages on Pinterest if you’re on there.  Here’s my boards if you want to peek.

And I’m on these collaborative homeschool boards:

I also have boards on organic gardening, fun with kids, fun and learning for each season, gluten free and dairy free cooking, vegan cooking, all natural cooking, cooking with kids, yarn crafts, drawing and journaling, green living, cleaning and organizing, attachment parenting, babies and toddlers, projects, crafts and way too much more if you want to look.  🙂

Things are going well here.  Life with our new dog is a lot of fun, and spring has given us all an extra bounce in our steps (not that Alex needs any extra bounces!).

(photo by Victoria)


Today's Assignment

I emailed this to Victoria and Anna this morning…

Today’s assignment (due by Thursday midnight):

  1. Go to this web site on genetics.
  2. Look around and learn a lot.  Play games and interact with it.
  3. Write me a paper about genetics with a minimum of 500 words (you can cut and paste it here to get a word count).  It can be a paper on basic genetics or something specific that you learned on the site.  Spell check it and use correct punctuation, grammar and capitalization.

I will send it back to you with suggestions for improving it, if needed.  You’ll have Friday to improve it and fix errors and send it back.

Satisfactory papers will be rewarded with chocolate.

Love you.


Apparently I Need to Homeschool the Dog Too…

Our new dog has terrible grammar. She’s absolutely fabulous in just about every other way.  She’s loyal, loving, affectionate, playful, gentle, well trained…

But she does not understand the proper usage of the words “lie” and “lay.”

If you tell Layla (how ironically named!) to lie down, she stares at you blankly.  Tell her to lay down and she lies right down.


Only I would actually be bothered enough to correct my dog’s grammar!

I tell her that you lay eggs and you lie down, but she just flat out doesn’t care.

Good thing she’s so good at algebra.  😉

Want to help the kids know when to say lie, lay, laid and lain? Grammar Monster has an easy page on it.  Grammar Tips has a slightly more sophisticated version (complete with explanations of transitive and intransitive verbs) and this reminder:

~You need to lie down today, yesterday you lay down, in the past you have lain down.

~Today, you lay the book on the table. Yesterday, you laid the book on the table. In the past, you have laid the book on the table.

And then there’s always this fun infographic….