Last Week, Next Week…


Egads, we’ve been busy! Here’s how last week looked for us…

MondayJack turned 9, Victoria graduated from archery class. We had a small birthday party, I baked a gluten free chocolate cake and made a special meal, Victoria had horse class and we all watched her archery tournament (she came in second in the class!).


TuesdayVictoria turned 14. We had a small birthday party and I made a special-order cake (brown sugar cake with lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting with a hint of grape juice from local vineyard grapes we gathered, pressed and canned ourselves in 2009 — best cake I’ve ever eaten if I do say so myself!).  I also made a special-order meal.

WednesdayVictoria had surgery. We had to bring her in to the hospital at 6 a.m. and she needed an IV (which they could not get in and finally gave up on until after she was unconscious, poor girl) and a breathing tube.  The surgery took longer than expected but went well.  She emerged with a lot of stitches going down her jawline from her ear and a drainage tube that she had to keep for two days (and remove herself).  Recovery has been intense, scary and painful, though the worst seems to finally be past.


ThursdayAlex turned 5. I made a gluten free white cake with dairy free white frosting and his special meal. We drove to Marshall (an hour each way) and went shopping, played at a park and shot off foam rockets.


FridayWe drove 3 hours to the Minneapolis area to check into a hotel.  Friends took in Layla (our new pooch) for the stay.

SaturdayDaryl taught a historic telegraph presentation at a wonderful Civil War living history site known as The Landing.  We had a great time riding horse drawn trollies, exploring the site, talking to fabulous reenactors and playing.  Victoria’s friend Carmela met us there to come back home with us for a week.  We withstood torrential rains that ended the event early and drove 3 hours home.


SundayWe drove an hour each way to Hanksa and  New Ulm (a wonderful German area).  We climbed to the top of the Herman the German statue and learned about Varus, the Romans, Herman and German-Roman history.  We played at the park, we gathered caterpillars, the girls found four and five leaf clovers and we had ice cream treats on the way home.

Today — I’m looking out my upstairs window at Victoria and Carmela dancing in the street.  They’ve also been lighting unknown things on fire.  😉  Smoke bombs perhaps?  Daryl was out talking with them as they did it and I couldn’t see what the fun was.  Victoria has her horse class but I’m pretty sure they won’t let her ride because of her surgical ordeal.  Today is the last day and she’s been really looking forward to it, so I hope they work something out.  Who knows what other adventures we’ll work into the day!

This week — We’re going to Sioux Falls tomorrow (for the zoo and/or science museum).  Wednesday we’re hoping to visit the Petroglyphs.  Thursday Victoria gets her stitches out and we’ll probably go to a local state park and perhaps bring the girls’ bikes.  Friday, the kids will be attending the Science and Nature conference at SMSU.  Saturday, Daryl, Jack, Anna and Victoria will have photos taken for the new year of the Laura Ingalls Wilder pageant (roles to be blogged later!) and then we’ll drive up to Mankato to drop Carmela off with her folks.

Right now I have a sleeping baby in my lap and I have to go find out if I really killed the washing machine last night.  I seem to have overloaded it and it was trying to run away!  😉  It smelled slightly of smoke so I’m worried I killed a belt.  Fingers crossed!  Then I really should make some mix and match quick bread and read to the boys and find some outside fun and clean the kitchen and figure out laundry and set up some homeschooling and post 10 ways to make the day magical and catch up on my columns…

Perhaps I’ll holding the sleeping baby a little bit longer...



2 thoughts on “Last Week, Next Week…

  1. Busy is not the word! Hope Victoria is recovering well and that you’ve recovered from your huge week! With another one still to come!!


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