Sick School (on learning anyway)

Various members of our family are currently sick as dogs. Or sicker, actually, since Layla is perfectly fine.  I’m still battling it and it’s a proud moment that I’m even blogging at the computer right now.  I’m off to the couch again presently (after making food for Toria, who’s also still recovering from surgery).

We’re getting a lot accomplished despite our maladies, though.  Alex and I did speech practice on the couch.  I wrote out words for Jack to copy for handwriting and spelling practice.  And so on.

So my plans for the next day or two, sick or not, from the couch or not, are as follows…

  • Assemble a list of inspirational people for each child to read about or research. They can decide how they’d like to start logging them, but I’d like to start doing character study as a part of our homeschooling.  There are just too many amazing people in the world whom we all should know about.  🙂
  • Find great quotes for Jack to copy for handwriting, spelling and character study (classic Charlotte Mason teaching there).
  • Do some readers’ theater scripts on things like how bills are made into laws from the couches.
  • Strew lots of books, fiction and not.
  • Do poetry exercises with Anna on the couch each day. (Here’s my series of free lessons if you want to join in.)
  • Have the kids do math apps on my iPod.
  • Watch “Forks Over Knives” as assigned by a great homeschooling mom we know (whose partner was given a prescription to watch it by her surgery after heart surgery!).
  • Rest, read, draw, talk, cuddle, laugh.

If you’re sick or on bedrest or that sort of thing, I have other ideas on how to homeschool anyway here.

Now I’m off to take care of Toria and perhaps sneak a bit of danish that made its way into the house.  I promise to chase it with something healthy.  😉

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