Anna's New Book

Anna wrote the first chapter of a fabulous new book today. Here’s the very start of it….

Samantha looked over her shoulder at the lake.  Fog hung over it like a velvet curtain.  She knew it would lift soon and she would see her enemies running at her.  She dashed through the trees.

If it wasn’t for her situation, it would have been beautiful.  You could see the brilliant colors of the sunrise through the trees.  Wisps of clouds floated lazily across the pinks and oranges.  The trees around her looked gold under the light and the dew sparkled like glitter.

But despite the beauty of it all, it was playing against her.  She could trip over roots, slip on the dew, fall into the mud.  She knew not to get distracted.

She stopped.  She could hear footsteps behind her but she knew, 1 step too far and she would plummet over the rocky, pine tree covered cliffs.

The icy water under her glittered from the quick-rising sun.  She heard water rushing from far off, most likely a cave with rapids.

She looked behind her, the outline of men in black outfits were slowly getting sharper.  She ducked and crawled along the edge.  Hopefully the fog would mask her figure and the stream’s gurgle would hide her slow breathing.

Next to her a rock the size of her thumb fell.  She stopped to watch it drop out of sight, then remembered who was behind her…..

Pretty good, huh?  🙂


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