Growing Pains

This blog is nearly five years old.

When I started it, Alex was a baby.  I had four children — two boys and two girls.  My oldest child was nine years old.

I wrote just about every day back then.  I had no columns on Examiner.  I had no teens or even tweens.  I was still full of that crazy energy that new homeschoolers have, even though I’d been at it for quite a few years.

What a lot has changed in five years!

I’m now juggling four columns, two blogs, five kids and just about every level of homeschooling (high school, middle school, elementary school, kindergarten and toddler!).  We’re gluten free.  We still cook from scratch and garden, preserve and learn homesteading skills.  Oh yes, and I know have three Facebook pages (A Magical Childhood, A Magical Homeschool and All Natural Families).

I keep meaning to get back to writing regularly here. Daily would be lovely but at least weekly!  I love the people I connect with here, and logging our days in this quiet little corner of the universe.

I’m still figuring out what the modern version of Magic and Mayhem will be.  I am committed to being here, whether that’s practical or not.  I’m a talker and a writer and I love to connect with other neat homeschool moms out there.

I just have to figure out how to balance that with everything else!

Perhaps I’ll let go of perfectionism.  No need for a color photo for every post.  No need to hyperlink to take you to everything I casually mention (oops, already failed that one).  Shorter posts.  More rambling.  😉

Anyway, this is my new commitment. When I was a struggling poet, trying to get my poems out into the world, I committed to at least free writing every day.  Even if it was for fifteen minutes, I sat at the computer and created.  I’m making the same commitment now.  For here and Magical Childhood, I mean to find a way to make it happen — if not every day then at least very regularly.

We have to make time for things that matter to us outside of work and outside of family.  This is one of those things I’m going to make time for.

That, wine, and chocolate.  😉  And reading.  And phone calls with friends.  And exercise.  And more time in nature.  And baking………




One thought on “Growing Pains

  1. Yay, you’re back! 🙂 Although I quite understand your absence, I’m very glad to see you back. Its nice to have mamas who blog about how it really is 🙂


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