Fiona at 12 Months

Just a little random info about our sweetie at one year…

Photo by Anna Bayer

Miss Fiona turned one on October 10.

She is standing, saying a few real words (such as dada, mama, bye-bye and cat, though they don’t sound much like those words!) and saying a whole lot of her Fiona language (“wizzibat? hubba-zibBA.  izbot!”).

She does this super fast sort of crawl like a wounded crab rather than walking yet.

She likes to clap hands, dance, look at cute animal pictures and watch the “a duck walks into a lemonade stand” video again and again.

She also loves to do her upside down trick.  Daddy says, “Ready?” and she tucks her head under on his belly and then he flips her upside down and flips her back.  She grins and looks quite pleased and wants to do it again and again.

She adores her siblings.  They adore her.  Alex would take a bullet for her.  The sun rises and sets by his baby sister as far as he’s concerned.  He repeatedly bashes himself in the head with things just to make her giggle.  🙂  Jack is a really good babysitter too, and she and Victoria are best buddies these days.  Anna was my #1 babysitter all during her infancy and now she’s bonding more with the others so Anna is taking the back seat for a bit.

Photo by Toria Bayer

She’s got about six teeth now, with lots more trying to poke through.  She’s still nursing and sleeping with us.  Her favorite foods are guacamole, homemade refried black beans, rice and anything her daddy shares.  She’s also already a fan of spicy foods and sour foods.  That’s my girl.

She’s fascinated by how things work and she’s got some impressive motor skills.  She meticulously puts one thing into another, connects parts and figures out how things work together.

She’s also no wallflower.  She is quite confident in letting the world know what she needs, what she thinks, and what it ought to do for her.  🙂

She understands a lot, and is fearless and funny.  The other day we were in a waiting room with a stone wall and she was crawling and standing right next to the large rocks in it.  Daryl told her, “Be careful or you’ll bang your head” and she looked at him and then very gently got up and banged her head on the rock.  Silly girl!  I’m not sure if she just heard “bang your head” and thought it was a command or if she was being obstinate, but it was quite funny and made the little old lady in the waiting room outright scowl and us outright laugh!  I loved how she did it ever so softly and slowly though, that at 12 months old she knew that she would have to barely touch the rock with her head or it would hurt.  Smart little chickie.

She has a delightful giggle, and she uses it often.  She’s happy, loved, loving, smart, fun, funny, quirky and beautiful.

endgush.  🙂



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