Shacking Up with Amazon

Finances are tight here and I signed up for the affiliate program with Amazon, where I get a small cut if people buy products I link to (or anything else, once they enter through my link).

If you shop on Amazon and don’t already enter through someone else’s links, I’d certainly appreciate if you’d click on my link to do your shopping.  🙂  It won’t change anything on your end but it’ll help us buy more books and groceries (probably in that order).

I tried to put a widget on the blog but I’ve given up.  Every time I paste the code and click save, the dashboard either converts it to another code or deletes it completely.  I am apparently far less clever than a widget generator.  Andrea?  Help?

And now I’m off to accomplish roughly 150 things in the amount of time I can accomplish 20, and to NOT waste time going down rabbit holes on the internet.


2 thoughts on “Shacking Up with Amazon

  1. It;s not you. 🙂 The code is stripped from the widget area intentionally.

    The Amazon link will help better if you recommend specific books within posts.


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