My Filing Card To-Do System

My filing card to do systemThis is the filing card system I’ve been using lately for my to-do lists.

I have a crazy amount of things I have to do on an ongoing basis, and I couldn’t find a program, list or app that would work for me until I started doing my cards again.

I made it up years ago and later lost the box. I found it recently and have been using it again.

The system is kind of cool.  I adapted it from the book that inspired FlyLady (something about Sidetracked Home Executives?).

The cards are color coded for daily (yellow), weekly (orange), monthly or seasonal (white) and personal (pink — not chores but stuff like writing, mothering, personal stuff to remember) and you have all 12 months and numbered days, so you move things to the next day, week or month in the box as you complete it.

I just have SO MUCH I have to do every day to keep everything going regarding laundry, meals, kids, HS, work, housekeeping, etc.  I never make it through all the cards I have filed for that day, but it does help me do a lot more than I would otherwise.

I like it better than my apps or written lists because once I write the cards up I don’t have to keep doing the work of writing/typing up the lists every day and I can easily move them to the day or month I’ll next need to deal with them. A lot of apps either repeat the same things every day or you have to enter them new. This works for all the things I have to do twice a week, every Monday, once a season, etc.

And I like the pretty colors. 😉

Next up — I’m going to make up homeschooling cards to stock in it too. It’s getting very hard to keep up with all of the kids and all of the subjects, and I think this system will work well for making sure we get to the things I want to get to.

Maybe I’ll just give each of the kids his or her own box, with chore cards too….

I’ll keep you updated!



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