10 Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

I’m still trying to get into a new rhythm when it comes to keeping up with everything, but I thought I’d pop in and do a quick 10 thing post.  No pictures, or I’d never get it done.  😉

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to…

  1. Victoria finished Animal Farm from her 9th grade reading list. She did not really like it, and especially did not like the pigs.  (I think this is the first book from her list that she didn’t actually enjoy, which I think is great.)  She asked me all sorts of questions about Stalin and communism, since she read that the pigs were supposed to represent Stalin.  I had to read Animal Farm in school but nobody ever taught me a thing about Stalin, so I had to refer her to her father and a google search.  I now know lots more about Stalin than I ever did.  I love how I learn so much because my kids homeschool.  😉
  2. I ordered a bunch of odds and ends from American Science and Surplus for Jack to tinker with, such alligator clips and tiny motors. He had a blast creating all sorts of electrical experiments with his dad’s supervision and assistance.
  3. Alex has been playing on Dreambox. We bought an inexpensive membership a few months ago for both of the boys and Alex really likes it.  Daryl does it with him and feels that he may have run out of things to do at his level, though.
  4. Anna has been learning history through the History Lovers for You-Tube channel. She came in the other day and started rattling off facts about King Henry VIII.  I asked where she learned it all and she said “History Lovers! I love their videos!”.  I call that a win.
  5. We started fires. Yep!  I told all the kids that we were going on an adventure yesterday and to dress for hiking.  Anna swore up and down that she didn’t want an adventure and I finally told her she could just stay home then and we took the other four kids.  We drove to a nearby park with a creek and campground and I told the kids they got to start their own campfires.  Well, Jack and Victoria, anyway.  Alex will be able to once he’s a little bit better at following safety rules.  We set them both up at fire pits and we assisted as little or as much as they wanted.  It was awesome.  They loved it.  They learned quite a lot about how to properly start a fire and what fire needs, plus how to keep it going.  We ended up having a ton more fun with all sorts of other activities and adventures too.
  6. Anna is doing chemistry with a friend. We’re into our third week of Friendly Chemistry.  We meet once a week and do the games and activities, plus read over the chapter together.  It’s going pretty well.
  7. The kids are entering the Neuroscience for Kids drawing contest. Okay, technically this isn’t something we’ve done lately because we haven’t done it yet, but it’s on the agenda for this week and if I blog it I’m more likely to remember.  😉
  8. Alex did baking soda and vinegar experiments with a friend. He gets to do easy science experiments with his friend while Anna and her friend do chemistry.  He loves it.  This week it’s painted soap clouds.  (Okay, one picture, since I just linked to the post!) 
  9. Jack has been making LEGO stop action movies. He made a nearly 100 frame movie of a space battle scene he wrote and then he took each picture on his camera and moved the pieces for the next shot.
  10. Jack, Anna and a friend are on the set crew for Daryl’s Christmas play. They go with him every Saturday to Pioneer Village to set everything up, help paint, etc.

The weather has been fabulous, so the boys have been spending lots of time outside.  The kids have all been reading magazines, reading books, watching educational shows, playing computer games, playing educational apps, cooking, playing games, etc. as usual too.

It should also be noted that at 13+ months, Fiona is still not walking.  Silly little girl.  She prefers to scoot at 180 mph instead.


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