So Busy!

I am so busy right now! Right now, a bit of what’s going on is…

  1. I am writing a novel for NaNoWriMo.  It’s about a crazy family of 7 who homeschools!  😉  My current word count is about 32,000 words (I need 50,000 to finish and there are only 5 days left!).  Eek!
  2. Daryl has a play that he wrote being performed in two cities.  The first is this Saturday.  It’s a short Christmas play with a surprise funny ending.  He and I are going to see it on Saturday.
  3. Jack has been doing oodles of science tinkering with the odds and ends we got him from American Science and Surplus.  Anna had fun with it too.
  4. Daryl took all the kids (plus an extra) to the merchant movie last Saturday.  Local businesses pay for area children to see a children’s movie for free each weekend during December.  While they’re there, parents are invited to shop downtown at the stores!  So brilliant and so great, huh?  🙂
  5. I’ve been very busy with THIS BABY.  Look at that face?  I love this little bug… 

Oh yes, and we all learned about Buddhism at our UU church yesterday and had a vegan feast, and we’ve been playing with friends, and Victoria has introduced us to the British series “Sherlock” (so good!) and we’ve been baking and making messes and all the usual trouble!  🙂


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