A Little Fiona Update

(photo by Victoria Bayer)

Fiona at 14 months:

  • Still is not walking, though she likes to hang on to things and “cruise.”  When she decides to go somewhere, she just drops down and crawls like crazy to get there the fastest.
  • Says a few words:  Dada (for mama or dada — we’re apparently interchangeable!),  cat (or cat-cat), dog, pretty (pit-TA!), that? (she points and asks “that?” to find out the name of everything), bye-bye (more like dye-dye)
  • Uses some signs:  hi, bye-bye (totally different sign for her than hi), take me, no, bird…
  • Current loves: cats, silly stuff, music, siblings, her “Aunt” Nancy, Mexican food (especially guacamole, black beans and spicy stuff), bubbies (natural salt brined pickles), taking everything out of the cupboards, throwing things in the garbage (like remotes!), watching funny videos, nursing, treasure baskets, small motor stuff (she has fantastic fine motor skills and loves doing delicate work like inserting one thing into another and taking things apart to put them back together again)
  • She’s currently getting a ton of teeth and is not happy about it.  I have a baltic amber teething necklace ordered but it’s coming from Lithuania.  I’ll report back about whether or not it works.  Science!  😉
  • She looks very much like Toria at her age.  She’s also currently very smitten with Toria and it’s cute to watch.  She sees her and waves hi right away and then holds out her hands in her “take me” pose and grins and grins.
  • She is LOUD.  My goodness.  Everybody in our family is, but even her grandma noted that she seemed to be the loudest yet.  She said, “She’s a happy loud, though!”.
  • She is funny and silly.  She loves physical humor and anything ridiculous like pictures of cats on people’s heads.  LOL  She loves to laugh.
  • She is utterly delightful.  I know it’s my job to say that as her mama, but she really is such a joy.  We are all in love with her, and it’s so sweet to see how much she adores her brothers and sisters back.  Alex (5) would move heaven and earth for her.  They have a really phenomenal bond already, and it makes me so happy to see it as their mama.

We got really lucky, five times over.  Life is very noisy and chaotic these days (to be truthful, it was when we only had two!) but I am still so fantastically pleased and amazed that we ended up with this tiny lottery winning of a child when we thought all that stuff was behind us.  🙂

This also means that by the time Fiona graduates, I will have homeschooled for more than thirty years….




2 thoughts on “A Little Fiona Update

  1. I’m trying to think of something other than Awwwww but I can’t. She is SO cute. A didn’t walk without help till he was 14+ months then he started running. I’m always intrigued by how every kid does it differently. I had no idea that baltic amber helps with teething! So interesting!


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