Good in the Face of Evil

Our family, like many around the world, has spent a lot of time keeping up with the news about the shootings. It has led to many discussions, many tears and many hugs.

I am holding a sleeping baby as I type this, listening to the president speak at the memorial for the victims and crying again for all those affected.

One quote that has been repeated is that a teacher told her hidden students at one point, “Wait for the good guys.  The good guys will come.”

The only way to respond to this and try to heal is to flood the world with our good.

It is not enough to love our own children. Yes, peace starts in the home, but it must not end there.

It is not enough to pray.

It is not enough to talk about what should change.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article profiling ten kids who were making a difference in the world.  It has made me think a lot lately.  If an eight year-old child can raise enough money selling lemonade to free 500 child slaves, what could a community of adults do if they put their energy into doing good?

It’s something I plan to work on now more than ever.



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