So Long, 2012!

Some years are better than others…

We had some awesome stuff that happened this year. We went to Ohio and saw my fabulous family on my long last dad’s side.  We played with our fantastic baby Fiona, who has been such a wonderful blessing.  We traveled and took part in all sorts of great adventures like Civil War Days and a Flim Flam event and the Wilder Pageant.  I wrote a book.  Victoria went to New York City.  We made new friends.

But then there was that cancer business with Victoria.  And the subsequent life threatening infection and emergency surgery.  And sickness.  And sadness.  Tight finances.  More sickness.  And messes, and crises, and yeah, more sickness.

I haven’t updated lately about Victoria’s latest medical adventures.  It wears me out.  It’s sad.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I want to just wish it away.  But there’s still ongoing issues.  Not cancer this time, but immune issues and mysteries and… sickness.

Alex is having surgery next month, having his tonsils and adenoids taken out.  Daryl is headed to the Mayo to see what hope they can offer for his legs and terrible pain.

We’re all still here.  Despite the dramas, we prevailed.  We laughed and learned and played and acted like loons and made memories and are going into 2013 stronger and smarter.

So hurry up and come, New Year’s Eve.  Let’s throw some confetti and start a fantastic new year.



5 thoughts on “So Long, 2012!

  1. Many, many, many hugs to you. All of you. And hoping 2013 will bring some good news health-wise and happiness-wise. Add a few more hugs in there k? Take care my friend.


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