Off to a Good Start

I’m liking 2013 already.

Yesterday was such a fun day!  We had our friends Nancy and Logan over for a New Year’s feast, and it was the perfect way to start off a new year.

We had masses of food, all of it gluten free and almost all of it dairy free, and still (if I do say so myself) fabulously delicious.  We had southern fried fish, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetarian gravy, Victoria’s orange cranberry sauce, cheese stuffed mini sweet peppers, Nancy’s deviled eggs, pear cake and a crazy-sweet pear buckle.

We all stuffed ourselves and then talked and drank wine (Well, Nancy and I did! The kids drank eggnog and such) and then we watched Sherlock (highly recommended!) and talked and laughed and visited until after midnight.

Good friends really do make life so much better.  I’m so glad we have their family as chosen family and that they live near enough to visit so often.  Logan occasionally slips up and “our” when he talks about our house or family, which I absolutely love.  He is definitely a part of our house and family.  🙂

I didn’t get a single picture.  I was busy enjoying.

Well, until bedtime, when I found that little cutie above asleep next to her daddy.

In any case, I think it bodes well for 2013.

And in the spirit of making goals and dreaming big, here’s some goals for the new year….

  • To get back into read-alouds, both educational (like A Little History of the World) and family (like the Little House books).
  • To make more time for one-on-one activities with all of the kids.
  • To get back on track with Toria’s 9th grade plan.
  • To get back on track with Anna’s 7th grade plan.
  • To log our books (Is that even possible with a family who reads this many books????)
  • To buy Suji’s awesome HS planner and really keep it up (Is that even possible with a mother as flaky as I am???).
  • To teach the kids far more recipes and give them more meals to prepare.
  • To sort out our library fines (we accidentally amassed ridiculously high fines when Victoria had cancer and her surgeries because we had dozens of books out last summer and completely forgot about it for months) so we can stop checking all our books out on Daryl’s card.
  • To get back into weekly library visits with insane numbers of books checked out.  Insane numbers of library books are such wonderful things.
  • To watch more educational you-tube videos together on a regular basis.
  • To make crafting a regular part of our days again.
  • To do some sort of near-daily PE, bad weather or not.
  • To read loads more books to Alex.
  • To do loads more science with Alex and Jack.
  • To support each of the kids’ interests and talents as much as possible, with our money and with our time. This means buying loads of science supplies, art supplies, movie making apps, cool educational books that fascinate the kids, and so on.  It means making time to teach Jack to solder and playing Elementeo with Alex and taking the family to neat destinations that fuel their passions.  It means stocking the house with woodworking supplies and science gadgets and fabulous books and all of the little things that make my kids squeal with excitement.  I want 2013 to be the year of being pampered in our passions.

That last one is my big goal for the year. Those others are ideals to strive for, but that is my primary goal.  I love that saying that education is not the filling of a pot but the fueling of a fire, and I want to add as much fuel to my children’s fires as possible this year.

And to get us all healthy again. That one is a given.  I feel optimistic about it.  🙂

My word for 2013 is vitality — in body, mind and heart.

Wishing you the best in 2013 too!

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