Checking In and Catching Up

What a long couple of weeks it has been.

Alex had surgery (adenoids and tonsils removed) with a difficult and painful recovery that’s still ongoing, Daryl saw doctors at the Mayo and scheduled surgery to replace his hip, I had a birthday that we celebrated out of town, and a long-time online homeschooling friend (a beloved mother of six) died in a heartbreaking accident.

I have been too busy, absent, grieving, sleep-deprived and overwhelmed to do much in the way of writing of any sort.

But we are slowly inching back towards normalcy (if that word could ever be used in our family).  I feel that’s important.

We’ve managed a bit of homeschooling and fun despite all the pain, busyness and tragedy.

We watched a bunch of the fabulous history lovers videos and learned about the French Revolution, Henry VII’s wives (Anna’s favorite video — warning:  Henry, Henry, Henry will be stuck in your head FOREVER), gladiators, the Renaissance, Chinese Dynasties and such.

I had Jack do lots of copywork of his name, address, phone number and state, so he can write all that really well and practice his (just a little bit dreadful) handwriting.

Alex did Dreambox, which he loves, with his dad.

Anna is back to work on a previous novel.  She’s also working on a top-secret project which I can’t post about here in case someone reads it.  😉

I’ve been writing out math and doing it side by side with Jack.

I found an addition practice test my grandmother sent last night and went over it with Alex just for fun. He knew most of them and pretty quickly figured out most of the harder ones.  Clever little guy!

I’ve been researching Vedic math.  Fascinating stuff.  Expect a blog post or article about that soon, as I consider it a really brilliant way to teach math, kind of like short division.

I gave Victoria free reign over a bunch of my mother’s old books.  She was a prison psychologist and for a while she was also a college psychology professor, so she had some great textbooks.  Toria especially got into the one about psychological tests, and we all talked about what we saw in my mom’s Rorchacht cards when some friends were over last week.

Jack and I have been playing Elementeo, which he loves.  Alex always wants to play too and while it’s supposed to be for older kids he can play pretty easily at 5, too.  I am so impressed with that game!

We’ve been doing a fun simple fun things like colored shaving cream play.

Victoria went with her dad to the Mayo and learned a lot there, plus texted me updates and pictures of his x-rays and such throughout the day to keep me updated back at the hotel with the kids.

Quiz:  Can you find the bad knee?

The kids swam and played at the hotel.

And we stopped in at Grandma and Grandpa’s house on the way.

Victoria even got an awesome trench coat from her great grandmother.

We’ve also been reading books, talking, cooking, playing and all the usual mayhem.

Daryl is scheduled for hip replacement surgery on February 1st.  That should be quite an adventure for all of us.

But it’ll work out.  Despite all the pain and the sorrows and the chaos, I still know that life really is magical and we’re all so lucky. I’ll enjoy every minute that I get on this lovely planet, and every minute I get with these wonderful children and the incredible man I married and all of the fabulous friends I’m fortunate to have in my life (online and off) and fortunate to have known.

And now, I promised to play Elementeo with a certain nine year-old…



2 thoughts on “Checking In and Catching Up

  1. ha, anti-spam word is hugs – exactly what I was going to write! You’ve had a tough run recently – good luck to Daryl for the surgery and hope Alex’s recovery is complete soon.

    And I LOVE Toria’s coat!!


  2. My daughter had her tonsils out last year, no fun for sure. I’m so sorry about your friend, very sad. I hope the hip surgery goes well, I just talked to a guy that had his knee replaced and he said it’s wonderful (the new knee, not the surgery!)

    Have fun playing games with your kids and Happy birthday.


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