Ants as Guinea Pigs

A few years ago I blogged here about some of the ant experiments we’d done lately and I wrote up a bunch of them as part of an Examiner article, with a link to an ant running Victoria’s chalk ant maze.

Examiner changed formats since then and the old format ate the video, so I rewrote it today and put the video back up.  If you’d like to see an 11 year-old Victoria showing how to make an ant maze (and hear a silly me in the background), I put it up here today:

Ant science: Fun ways to use ants for nature studies

There’s also directions for a cool ant trail experiment, taste tests (no, you don’t taste the ants), fun ant books for little ones, natural repellents to try, and so on.

At some point, I also want to retry our butter experiment, which you might remember was derailed by our cats.

I’m still not entirely sure why we should base our butter/margarine choices on what is preferred by ants, though.  We did the experiment after seeing lots of posts on Facebook and such about how ants won’t eat margarine.  Is the idea that ants will instinctively pick a healthier choice?  Why?  The cats sure didn’t.  I’ve seen what dogs eat, and I wouldn’t choose my foods based on which ones they’d pick either.  I’m pretty sure ants would choose a Pixie stick full of sugar and red dye over raw veggies any day.  So why do we really care about their dairy spread preferences?  Just a thought.

Anyway, if you have an assortment of the little critters around your driveway these days, there’s a few ways to put them to work.  😉



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