A Poem by Anna

Our family lost two of our cats within the last week, of completely unrelated causes.  It was hard on us all.

My kids have had a lot of experience with death in their lives, not only from losing far too many pets and adults they’ve known, but also the loss of Victoria’s and Anna’s dearly loved friend Hannah when they were younger. The loss of Hannah had a profound impact on both girls that continues on for all of us.

Anna wrote songs about Hannah nearly every day for months after her death.  It helped her grieve.  Writing is still a huge part of how she processes things, and she recently joined an online poetry forum where she’s had fun taking part in challenges and posting her poems.

She wrote this poem about me and losses last night and she gave me permission to share it here.

Death of loved ones
hurt and pain
until only you remain
standing strong throughout the crowd
waiting for me to return

During struggles that drag us down
you are the one pulling us back to shore
when we’re so lost,
when we nearly drown
you are the buoy who stays afloat

when we are shaken,
you are the one who restrains us
before we lose who we have grown to be
you are the one who shapes us

One more cry of a name
one more loss
one more gain
once more tragedy comes around
once more you keep me safe and sound.

~Rhiannon (Anna) Lee Bayer


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