5 Unusual Things We're Doing Today

Well, it’s never a dull moment here! Here’s what we’re up to today (well, five of the things)….

  1. Victoria showed up at a nearby farm at 5 a.m. for her first day of field work. She’s hoping to save up for a Nexus.  I figure this should count for PE for a while too.  😉
  2. Anna is at the hospital getting fitted for an “event monitor” for her heart.  She’s been having chest pains and the doctor suggested wearing it for a short time just to see what it shows.  We’re fairly sure she’s fine, but it will be interesting to be able to track what her heart is doing and I’ve learned that it’s never a bad thing to be thorough about medical issues with my kids.
  3. We’re processing bushels and bushels of apples. A wonderful homeschooling friend let us come and pick some of their plentiful apples the other day, and we really loaded up.  This time of year is great for finding organic apples since so many people don’t spray their trees and they often have more than they can use.  We’re making applesauce, Dutch apple pies, faux cider (I use the peels and cores, simmer them in water until the water is really infused with the apple flavor, strain and add sugar and a dash of cinnamon), and so on.
  4. There’s a whole lot of canning going on. I have a new pressure canner and have been canning applesauce like crazy.  Next is pickles and apple pie filling, and soon will be salsa.  This is my favorite salsa recipe of all time to use with fresh tomatoes (it’s the type you get in authentic Mexican restaurants instead of the vinegar-based jarred kind and it takes about 30 seconds!) and I want to make a ton to put up for later.
  5. To be announced! I’m not sure what we’ll do for number five so I’ll report back tomorrow.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “5 Unusual Things We're Doing Today

  1. FYI – Just a heads up on the salsa canning. The recipe states that it is not made for canning because the acid level isn’t high enough. Be sure to adjust for that – my family has had problems with canning salsa for that reason. One food inspector suggested freezing salsa rather then canning, but it does change the consistency so you have to play around with that too (but the acid level doesn’t matter). Good luck with all your canning, I know you will love what you did come winter time!


    • Thanks Kajtryna. We always froze our salsa in the past for that reason too, even though the texture does change a little. With our new pressure canner, we can pressure can low-acid foods so it’s my understanding that the salsa will work if we do it in that. I’ll be sure to research times and whether that’s true before I do though!


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