The One Room Schoolhouse Has Taken a Surreal Turn

This is what happens when you are homeschooling little kids and also have older siblings with a penchant for social justice in the house.

Victoria mentioned a few minutes ago that three teenaged boys were arrested in Rochester, New York, recently for “blocking pedestrians” by waiting for a bus.

Alex was playing in the living room next to us and shouted, “What?! That’s ridiculous! Why did they arrest them?”

Victoria, ever the social activist, told him, “Institutionalized racism.”

That, of course, led to Alex wanting to know what that was, and Victoria explaining about how some people think bad things about other people just because they have darker skin.

This outraged Alex, who then went off on a six year-old tirade about institutionalized racism and how ridiculous that was.

He went on to blast,

“I could understand it if the boys were super strong and they were snapping stop signs in half!

Or if they were half shark and half human and eating the people at the bus stop!”

He came up with some very good scenarios for when it was okay to arrest boys at the bus stop.

Then he moved on to another tirade.

“AND — I think girls should be allowed to vote!”.

Victoria told him that girls can already vote.

“Oh, well good,” he answered.

So at least there’s that.



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