A little poem by Anna

Anna (13) wrote this poem and I thought I’d post it in honor of the season.  She’s quite a prolific poet these days and I love watching her poetry evolve.

When We Were Young

When we were young
the simplest of Christmas lights
were a thousand stars in our eyes.

The mechanical reindeer
were unimaginable,
how did they move
if they weren’t alive?

The snow on the ground
was like the fine sand on Florida beaches,
and we made angels
for the sun to melt
like the tide washed our castles away.

When we were young,
Santa brought all our presents
and we were in bed by nine
waiting to see if we would hear
the bells on Santa’s sleigh.

When we were young,
candy canes were the highlight of the season,
along with our stockings
stuffed with bobbles and toy cars.

When we were young,
the world was a million times as large as it seemed,
and the full December moon
fit in a nutshell.

(Rhiannon Bayer)


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