Bad Blogger

Hello there!  Sorry to be MIA for so long.  I hereby pledge to start showing up and yapping far more.  I miss it.

I know that one of the problems is that sites like Pinterest have really changed the blogging universe, and it started to slowly change me.  Blogs used to be personal ways to record our days and help each other out, and then they became flashy monetized ways to try to lure people in for ad revenue.

They all started to look like colorful magazine layouts with fantasy families.  They were full of professional looking photos with titles that used 8 fonts to promise life-changing information if I only clicked in and read on.

And I started to feel pretty plain, posting my black and white words with random links and musings, grainy photos and personal accounts of our little life in our messy house.

Okay, and I also just got really busy with life.  Five kids, a few writing gigs and way too much housework will do that to a person, too.  😉

But no more!  I am pledging (once again) to commence yapping.  Because there are already plenty of flashy blogs that promise to help you teach your kids every president in order over breakfast, and even if hardly anyone else is out there, I still kind of like showing up and talking about our life here.

To start, here’s a super-fast catch-up of 10 things we’ve done lately….

  1. We made violet syrup and violet candy — and even made the violet syrup change colors with chemistry (violets are pH indicators).  How cool is that?!  (And yes, I hope to write it up online soon.)
  2. We signed up for a new CSA and are excited to get our first veggies soon.
  3. We found our first foraged morels and found out why people pay crazy amounts of money for them.
  4. We made slime out of water, food coloring and psyllium husks (hoping to write that up soon, too).
  5. We registered Victoria for her fall classes at Perpich.  Eek!
  6. We played with friends.
  7. We’ve seen handfuls of doctors and specialists to deal with various ailments and injuries.
  8. We’ve done tons of hiking now that the weather is nice again.
  9. We discovered lots of new book series and put together lots of puzzles.
  10. Daryl and the boys are once more taking part in the Wilder Pageant (Daryl is the Doc this year instead of the usual reverend).  The girls are all home with me this year.  It is the bittersweet end of an era for me, with no little girls in braids in the pageant, but I’m happy that my boys will be part of that magic once more.

There have also been the usual talks, puns, walks, photos, art projects and so on.  And the house is still a wreck and it’s still chaos here.

And with that, I should go switch the laundry and find some books to read some little people.

Till tomorrow!  I hope!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. I’m so glad you’re pledging to blog more often, I love reading this blog – all the others totally bum me out and leave me feeling like I’m failing at this parenting gig. Yours is the only honest one I’ve come across, I always feel so inspired after reading the fun ways you and your family have been homeschooling. 🙂


  2. I know what you mean about the changes in blogging. It’s sad that so many blogs I used to enjoy are now mainly money making ventures – either via ads or selling material that used to be shared for free – or else a venue to review and promote the curriculum of others. I only started blogging a year ago and I feel like I don’t fit the blogging world since I just share what we do (admittled not all the bad bits 🙂 with a few photos for good measure. Very average photos and I try not to worry if I don’t have a photo on any particular week. Still it is a good way of maintaining family so I’ll probably keep going – despite not setting the blogging world alight!


  3. Yes, it is a good way to keep family updated! I had forgotten about that element, as I don’t really have much family (I was an only child and both of my parents are dead) and Daryl’s family has never shown any particular interest in any of it. I do love it for our records, though, and hope someday to sort of compile the best parts in books for the kids.

    And I much prefer blogs like yours to the other types! I was thinking I should show yours to Daryl since he’s such a birder. That was his favorite part of our trip to Florida, all the new birds he got to see. Perhaps that would lure him to New Zealand next? 😉


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