Felt Foods!

While we were in Nebraska a few weeks ago, Toria happened upon a stash of felt that Tiffany wasn’t using.  With Tiffany’s blessing, she used some to make a little felt waffle for Fiona, dents and all.  And then a little felt strawberry, and then a felt orange wedge, and then a felt strawberry (complete with little embroidered seeds!) and then felt salad ingredients and felt pizza ingredients and on and on.

felt3Fiona ended up with an entire set of darling felt food, and Toria made a set for Tiffany’s two year-old daughter, Millie, too.

She made so much that we had to run out and buy her more felt.

It was a darling project and both girls loved their new play foods.

feltfelt4(No, she doesn’t need glasses, she just likes to swipe my reading glasses!)

I’ll have her share some tips when she’s back from Oregon, and I’ll post better pictures then.  Fun stuff!


Travel 101

toriaoregonToria’s off in Oregon again with fantastic friends that she’s visited before.  We all miss her like crazy but I’m glad she gets to travel so much and spend time with friends far away.  This is one of the benefits of homeschooling, that she can go out there when fares are $209 (round trip!) because it’s the middle of nothing, instead of paying $800 to fly during spring break or summer vacation.  Not only that, but her incredibly generous host family helped buy the tickets to get her back out there again.  Good thing they like her so much!

Of course, $209 fares also mean crazy long layovers in Denver (and no luggage!), but she brought some books and she’s good at making the most of things!  🙂  And another benefit of homeschooling is that we’ve made friends from all over, and we have friends in Denver who are hosting her overnight for her even longer layover on the way back.

As for the rest of us, we’re having a good time ourselves.

It’s winter, which means not much is going on, but that also means we get to hole up inside and wear fleece pants and t-shirts all day, find time for family games and catch up on our junky TV fixes.

Considering how crazy busy our summers and falls are, there’s something to be said for lazy days inside.

We also just got back a week or two ago from two weeks in Nebraska with Tiffany and gang, which was marvelously fun.  Another homeschooling family that we adore came up from Texas and we got to see them for the first time in a few years, which added to the fun.tiffsWe’re also saving and planning for other trips in the coming months, both near and far.

…Because we can all live with the same couches for twenty years, thrift stores clothes, gathering and preserving our own foods, doing without X-boxes (I think I spelled that badly!) and iPhones and all sorts of other modern luxuries, but we consider travel an educational (and quality of life) expense to make happen whenever possible.  🙂

Now if only I could find a way to work out a field trip for those studies on Rome……..