A Little Fiona Update


Six things you can tell from this photo:

  1. Fiona is now a preschooler — three years old!
  2. Fiona likes to wear my glasses and steal my iPod.
  3. Daryl is extremely tolerant.
  4. Fiona picks out her own outfits.
  5. I have not become any less messy with five kids.
  6. Fiona rules the roost.

In other Fiona news…..  She can read and write a few words like MOM, counts pretty high and loves to do art.  Her big brothers and sisters all pretty much dote on her, and she is not shy about bossing them around!  She also adores them.  She is a Ham with a capital H.  She’s silly and loves to laugh.  She’s a mama’s girl who always wants to be with me.  She loves books, nature and chocolate.  She also loves to sing and write her own songs, which kind of never end.  😉

Favorite foods (besides chocolate):  Organic tortilla chips with hummus or salsa, apples with peanut butter, burrito bowls, guacamole and rice.

Favorite shows: My Little Pony, Frozen, “Monkey George” (Curious George) and Barbie’s Life in the Dreamhouse.  That last one is thanks to a very sweet dad at a house we visited who put it on for her on their TV last year, thinking that it was a good show for little girls.  Now our whole family is cursed to forever watch Barbie and Ken’s highjinx.  It’s actually surprisingly mesmerizing in a really horrifying way.  😉

She’s exhausting, delightful and nearly perfect in our not-in-the-least-bit-impartial opinions!



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