Pageant Time

clothesYou can always tell by my clothesline that another Wilder Pageant season is underway.  I love the look of clothes on the clothesline, but I especially love the look when it is full of bonnets and aprons and pinafores.  🙂

Last night was media night, so the cast ran through some of the more picture-worthy scenes for the press and gave some interviews.  The editor of the local paper photographed my crew as one of the last remaining large families with lots of family members in the play.  They’re supposed to head over to the paper this week to be interviewed.

Daryl plays Reverend Alden and Elias Bedal (the mayor) again this year.  He is great at both roles, even though they are very different.  He is caring and inspirational as the reverend, and an odd combination of jovial and grumpy as the mayor.

Toria is Mrs. Hansen this year, a Norwegian lady with a thick accent who is very proud of her “hus” (house).  The Ingalls Family bought their sod house from the Hansens.  She is also an unnamed other woman later on in the play so that she can be in the dances and group scenes since Mrs. Hansen and her husband moved away when the Ingalls got to town.

Jack, Alex and Fiona are all the mayor’s children.  Fiona, at age 3, is doing wonderfully as Lucy Bedal.  She had some adorable trouble with the stage bow/curtsy at the start of rehearsal and kept flashing the audience by just lifting her skirts up, but she now has a lovely little curtsy that she loves to show people.

The show opens July 10 and runs for three weekends.

You can go to the Wilder Pageant’s Facebook page for more pics!

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