When the “Not Back to School Party” Goes Into the Next Day…

You know it’s a good homeschool party when you have to pick up some of the kids in the morning!  🙂

We celebrated NBTS with some fun Mankato homeschoolers last week and had the best time.

It started at 8 but we got there about 10:30 a.m. and most of us didn’t get out of there for about 11 hours!

Rhia and Jack spent the night (it was at McGowan’s Farm of History Fest fame so they have all sorts of buildings) and our homeschool mama friend Julie watched over all the kiddos.  She has 12 kiddos and is used to such things.  😉

There was music making and all sorts of good fun.

One of the local homeschool mamas is a fantastic face painter, so all the kids had to be done up.  Don’t they look amazing?

Alex’s was done by an apprentice face painter! He loved it. 🙂

Since it was at the magical land of McGowan’s Farm, there was also unbelievably wonderful stuff all over, as always (think ziplines and massive sandboxes filled with dragon tears and chariots for the kids to haul us around on and troll tunnels and more….).

Some of the kids had a giant foam sword battle, complete with battle planning and standard battle rules (get hit in the arm, hold that arm behind your back, get hit in the leg, get down on one knee, get hit in the chest, lie dead in the grass!).  Luckily, they were revived to battle another day again and again.  🙂

And Rhia got to spend time with her sweetie, who’s also a homeschooler from the area.

The fun went into the night, with rock painting and roasted marshmallows and more.

It was a magical day!

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