Using Cuisenaire Rods to Find the LCM

I’ve loved Cuisenaire rods since I was in Montessori preschool in California many decades ago and my mother bought a set for me to play with at home.

When I became a homeschooler, I immediately bought a wooden set for my own kids, even though I still have most of the very battered cardboard box of Cuisenaire rods that my mother bought those many years ago.  I love them, and my kids love them.

We have played with them to play with math over the years, but I always knew there were far more ways to use them to teach math (including very advanced topics) and even languages.  I’ve seen literally hundreds of lesson plans to use them for anything you can think of.

I stumbled on this you-tube video the other day, though, and am once again inspired to start using them for more heavy-duty math teaching.

So simple, so easy!

Do you use Cuisenaire rods in your homeschool?  What’s your favorite way to use them?  Besides just play.  That’s still mine.  🙂


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