Happy Solstice!

Today was our family holiday for the winter season.  Every solstice, we open our presents to and from each other and have our own little celebration together, before Christmas Eve and Christmas and all of the mayhem of that season with extended family.

We had a sweet day.  There were hours of unwrapping, as a family of our size takes some time when we open presents one at a time.  Then there was general fun and mayhem as kids played with presents, read books and experimented with various gifts.

Now I’m heading down to finish supper and start our annual candle lighting tradition of welcoming back the light.  We’ll turn off every light and then talk about how today is the shortest day of the year but that after today, the sunlight will return.  Then the kids will run through the house turning on every light in the place, shouting out words of welcoming to the light for coming back.

Here in Minnesota where we have such long, cold, dark winters, this ritual always seemed especially fitting.  🙂

Happy solstice to you and your family.  Merry Christmas, happy Yule, happy holidays.  Here’s wishing the best of the season in whatever ways you celebrate.